37th Mid-Atlantic Song Contest (2020)

Honorable Mention - Gospel category - I Want to Sing

Jan/Feb 2020 Lyric Contest - American Songwriter Magazine 

Honorable Mention - The Coming of Winter 


Top 10 picks for 2018 Four Strong Winds (John Rumsey), KVMR 89.5fm Nevada City, CA

 #7 Andy & Judy - Reflections

Top 10 picks for 2017 Four Strong Winds (John Rumsey), KVMR 89.5fm Nevada City, CA

#7 Andy & Judy - This Old Town

Top CDs of 2017  The Folk Revival (Nick Noble), WICN 90.5fm, Worcester, MA

   Andy & Judy - This Old Town

33rd Mid-Atlantic Song Contest (2016)  

Honorable Mention - Vocal Jazz/Blues Category - Thorns In That Crown 


Top 10 picks for 2015 Four Strong Winds, KVMR Nevada City, CA  

     #1.  Andy and Judy - Follow Your Dream


  Folk DJ Charts

Top Albums for August 2023 - #7 - Another Ghost Town
Top Song for August 2023 - #5 - The DJs
Top Artist for August 2023 - #12 - Andy & Judy        

Top Albums for June 2021 - #17 Let Us Sing                               Top Artists for June 2021 - #22 Andy & Judy           

Top Songs for Jan 2021 - #17 What Would Pete Do

Top Albums for Sept 2020 - #20 This Road
Top Artist for Sept 2020 - #24 Andy & Judy

Top Albums for Dec 2018 - #24 Reflections
Top Artists for Dec 2018 - #12 Andy & Judy

Top Albums for Nov 2018 - #9 Reflections
Top Artists for Nov 2018 - #9 Andy & Judy
Top Songs for Nov 2018 - #17 Turn Off the Noise
Top Albums for Oct 2018 - #25 Reflections
Top Artists for Oct 2018 - #25 Andy & Judy
Top Albums for July 2017 -  #11 This Old Town
Top Songs for July 2017 - #14 I'll Call You When I Get There

Live Show Review

"Andy and Judy Daigle are a folksinging married couple living in southeastern Massachusetts. They keep quite busy with frequent shows at folk venues and libraries. They are well known and well liked locally, judging by the substantial number of concertgoers who turned out. 

The attention was richly deserved. They both sang and played very well and featured a number of instruments. Judy in particular has a very distinctive voice, the vibrato in her vocal reminding me of Joan Baez. They both played guitar and mandolin and they worked in a banjo, dulcimer, ukulele, harmonica, and percussion. I enjoy a folk act when they have songs that are upbeat and songs that are funny, in addition to the familiar emotionally serious or politically aware numbers that you think of when you think of folk, and Andy and Judy had those qualities in abundance". 

Javawocky Coffeehouse concert review by Joanne Corsano 10/29/22



" Andy & Judy put the fun back in folk music. In a style reminiscent of the classic hootenanny, the duo delights with original songs and playful stage banter on a surprising range of instruments, with engaging melodies that keep audiences smiling and singing along."
     -Stephen Ide, artistic director, Rose Garden Coffeehouse, Mansfield, MA
"We both thought they were great....warm, engaging, and this was one of the best concert duos we've experienced. Both have fine voices...but we felt that Judy's singing voice was exceptional. Impressive too that they are so versatile, moving from guitar to banjo, even - when appropriate - harmonica. I was specially impressed by the lyrics. They have each written so many songs, and theirs really say something meaningful".
      -Ken Graves - OCC Coffeehouse, Wrentham, MA

"I booked a performance with Andy and Judy Daigle as part of my LIVE @ Your Library Family Performing Arts series. They performed for us on Saturday, February 15 at our main branch library. Our patrons thoroughly enjoyed the program. Andy and Judy are natural singers/songwriters who have a passion for Americana and traditional folk. Not only was the program entertaining but also educational. Learning about the background and history of their original songs was inspiring and might even say nostalgic for many of our patrons. Board members from our Friends of the Gaston County Public Library organization loved the performance so much, Andy and Judy have already been invited for the Friends Annual Meeting in May 2021. If you have not booked Andy and Judy Daigle, definitely add them to your program schedule. They are wonderful and have my highest recommendation".

   -Dandria Bradley, Program Coordinator, Gaston County Public Library, NC


"Andy and Judy were a joy from the start! They are lovely to work with and incredibly gifted musicians. Telling stories as they play and engaging openly with the audience, they bring a genuine presence to the stage that is hard to find. One concert attendee in the audience turned to me only halfway through their first song and gave a big thumbs up, mouthing "Oh they're good!" and I could tell the rest of the audience felt that way too. Really wonderful music and a fantastic energy. Having Andy and Judy at our library was such a treat!"
       - Julie Howard, Adult Programming Librarian, Ocean City Free Public Library, Ocean City, NJ
  "Andy & Judy have made several appearances here at Javawocky, and we have had the pleasure of watching them grow from openers, to split bills to headlining their own shows, and they always put on a great show with enthusiastic audience response. Their March show was no exception, bringing in one of our best crowds in recent memory, we had to bring in extra chairs! I highly recommend them and won't hesitate to book them again."
      -Steve Brooks, Javawocky Coffeehouse
"We LOVED having you. It was such an upbeat concert. When the performance started, I was exhausted from a long day. After the concert, I felt zippy again!"
     -Bonnie Goble, Library Director, Cleve J. Fredrickson Library, Camp Hill, PA
"We were honored to have Andy & Judy Daigle as our debut performers at our new library amphitheater last night. In spite of the heat we had around 25 folks for the 6pm show. Andy & Judy mesmerized the crowd with their original songs and had everyone singing along to some classic folk standards. With the sun in their faces they hit every note, blended every harmony and plucked every string perfectly. There is true talent in this duo and it is hard to believe that they are only in their first decade of performing.
    - Rene R Hutcheson, Director at Hardin County Public Library, Elizabethtown, KY
"We had the pleasure of hosting Andy & Judy at Slater Libary during one of our First Tuesday Topics. The touching stories told by their songs left us wishing for more. Their engaging personalities brought the crowd to life. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening."
   -Rebecca Jusseaume, Director at Slater Library in Jewett City, CT
"Andy and Judy Daigle performed their live folk music concert at our library in October 2016. Their performances were skilled, friendly, and energetic. During the course of the evening's program, they covered a range of songs, told stories behind some of their original compositions and developed a genuine rapport with the audience. I would recommend Andy and Judy Daigle as a wonderful addition to any venue's lineup of programs."
          - Patrick J. Manning, Library Branch Manager, Akron-Summit County Public Library
"We had a beautiful evening outside under the stars and the ginkgo trees last night at Twelve Moons Coffee House. Andy and Judy wowed the crowd with their beautiful harmonies and excellent song-writing!"
            - Twelve Moons Coffeehouse
"Andy and Judy are gifted musicians. Their beautiful harmonies and smooth presentations of both original and classic folk music is incredible.  Their outdoor evening concert at Peninsula Community Library was an incredible treat!"
             - Victoria M Shurly, Director
"Andy & Judy wowed the crowd at the Meeting House Stage with a set of really great original tunes, wonderful singing, and a lot of great pickin'!"
            -Dave Lister

"What a great concert! Andy and Judy's songs have real heart and soul and the way they introduce each one really pulls you in. They brought to us their rich voices and honest lyrics in an engaging performance. Simply put, it was a real pleasure to have them at the Cotuit Library, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a wonderful program"

          - Frances Bausman, Programs and Outreach Director at the Cotuit Library
"Last week we had Andy and Judy, a wonderful folk singing duo, here at the Fitchburg. They performed with a diversity of instruments including mandolin, banjo, harmonica, and guitar. Their music and voices created lovely harmonies. Andy and Judy played a variety of original songs and a few covers. Especially noteworthy were two of their original songs about trains: one where you could feel, and hear, the train fading in the distance and the other from the perspective of a 6 year old riding the Orphan Train which they then tied into the novel! A great connection was made with the audience that had people singing along to the familiar songs and really enjoying the event. Andy & Judy are very professional and easy to work with.  We are definitely planning on having them back again."
  - Cindy Morawski, Reference Librarian, Fitchburg Public Library


 “Andy and Judy's music is outstanding and exceptionally crafted. They write well, they compose well, and they perform together spectacularly with captivating harmonies. The guitars and mandolin fit together perfectly behind the stunning vocals and well written lyrics. The result is world class music. I have had the pleasure to produce Concerts, Radio Shows, and TV shows with Andy and Judy. Their exceptional level of professionalism helps make the shows perfect. They are good people, and working with them is always easy. I will do so again every chance I get. Many times while doing the digital remix of a show, I got carried away and just had to stop and call Andy again to tell him how much I was enjoying their music. You will enjoy it too.”  
- Bob Crownfield, Producer, Studio Session Live
“Those of us lucky enough to catch the Andy and Judy event on Sunday, March 15th were given a musical treat. The duo brings original songs to their mix of well-known folk music. The audience was happy to sing-along with those songs they knew and listened closely to the new ones written by Andy or Judy. With multiple instruments as back up, the duo sang and harmonized well. As they travel around bringing their music to new places, be sure to number yourself  among those in the audience for a satisfying musical event.”  
- Janice Walz, Friends of the Schenectady County Public Library
"The Greatest Love Story is universal and rips the heart out, I think everyone can relate."
- Jim Jenkins, WAGS Radio, SC
"As the Social Director for a busy 55+ community I am in a constant search for quality entertainment that suits a variety of tastes. With Andy and Judy Daigle that is exactly what I received. Not only are Andy and Judy great musicians, they are great personalities as well. Their most recent performance at Oak Point received nothing but praise from all those who attended. Aside from putting on a great show, Andy and Judy are a pleasure to work with. I would certainly recommend them to other similar communities."
-Eric Hurt, Social Director at Oak Point


"Andy and Judy have beautiful voices, memorable music and charming stories that touched the hearts of a rapt audience.  Thank you".                                                           - Maurice Camire, Great Island Activities Group


“Thank you for participating in our Herring Fun Festival at the Plimoth Grist Mill. Your original music performances delighted the guests and helped to create an even more festive atmosphere for all who came. Thank You!”                                                              - Courtney Roy-Branigan, Director of Development, Plimoth Plantation, Plimoth Plantation (May 05, 2014)


 “Their performances are highlighted by the quality of their vocal work, each individually and joined together with beautiful harmonies”                                      -Rick's Music World

“I would pay to listen to Judy sing the Yellow Pages!”
- Robert J. Constantine, Director, Four Spires Concert Series  


Andy & Judy - "Another Ghost Town" (Bill Copeland - Bill Copeland Music News)

  "Andy & Judy put together their new album Another Ghost Town with the upmost care. It is true folk music, rooted in the Americana sound and also in the American story. Work songs. Abandoned towns. A song about radio. A heroic athlete’s song. A song for the next generation. Much of the American experience is related on this album. Andy & Judy’s use of acoustic instruments makes each feel earnest and their voices are perfectly suited to each voice or narrator they are singing through".  Read the full review HERE


Andy & Judy - "Let Us Sing" (Bill Copeland - Bill Copeland Music News)

 "Andy and Judy just keep coming up with these gems. This new Let Us Sing disc features many of their wise songwriter choices, especially in regards to the support players and which acoustic instrument to use per song. Recorded and mixed at Cherry Bridge Recording in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, Let Us Sing is another likable folk album from these dye in the wool folk artists". Read the full review Here


Andy & Judy - "This Road" (Nick Noble - WICN The Folk Revival)

 "From the very first track, “I Want to Sing”, Andy & Judy’s newest album, This Road, grabs you in a joyous embrace and doesn’t let go!  Opening with an original gospel-style number, replete with wonderful two-part harmonies, Judy Daigle’s powerful solo work, and some very impressive multiple instrumental work, it makes you want to sing and to hear more. The CD segues nicely into the title track: another Judy original in the spirit of countless “wandering” songs in the folk tradition and absolutely lovely. 

This Road touches on a wide range of tried-and-true folk music themes, with songs of protest and reform, love sings, story songs, lullabies, and more. Eleven originals (three by Andy Daigle, eight by Judy) and a near-perfect cover of Vic Witherspoon’s “Cambridge Town.” (You can also be sure that I will be playing their “Fenway Through and Through” on my annual baseball show from now on). 

You have to love Andy and Judy: they exemplify the long tradition of great folk duos and bring to every song a traditional folk sound. I confess that I am indeed a sucker for great harmony, and they deliver! Their voices blend beautifully, while their solo verses are spot-on. They play guitar, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, washboard, shaker, and other percussion instruments. Ably abetted by John Zaia on bass, this Massachusetts duo puts a contemporary spin on a wide range of styles: folk, blues, bluegrass, and more. I highly recommend This Road: just start it up, kick back, and enjoy. Play it through a second time and you’ll be singing along. You know you want to sing!


 Andy & Judy - "This Road" (Bill Copeland - Bill Copeland Music News)

 Here is an excerpt:

"Andy and Judy offer up a lot sincerity and a lot of talent on this new album, This Road. One can appreciate their their thoughtfulness as well as their heartfelt vocals, gritty instrumentation, and a steady pluck that runs like a solid under current to every lyric and note sung and played". 

Read the full review here


Andy & Judy - "This Old Town" (Nick Noble - WICN The Folk Revival Tops CDs of 2017)

"The talented New England-based duo of Andy & Judy Daigle produced a gem in 2017, filled with nice harmonies and the occasional sing-along chorus. My favorite tracks include three written by Judy - "I'll Call You When I Get There", "The Final Mile" (with its echoes of the Civil War), and the love song "Dancing In The Breeze" - along with "High Road" and the title track, both written by Andy.


Andy & Judy - "Follow Your Dream" (reviewed by FolkWorld - Europe 7/2016)

     Andy (guitar, percussion, harmonica, vocals) and Judy Daigle (guitar, mandolin, piano, synthesizer) are a Boston MA based folk duo. Together with bassist Eric “Snake” Gulliksen and Greg Daigle (bass, guitar, synthesizer) and a guest appearance by Jesse Parent on accordion they recorded 10 original songs.
Judy wrote and sings most of the songs like the rollicking title track accompanied by two guitars and Eric’s driving bass pace. Andy’s story of the “Souther Tide Mill” in Quincy MA tells about the hardships of working there in 1800s, his lead vocals are backed by Judy who adds the mandolin, Eric on bass, Greg on lead guitar and Jesse on accordion complete the line-up. “Potter’s Field” is a sad Americana telling about the graveyard on Hart Island NYC for the poor and Judy mesmerizes with the melancholic piano ballad “Won’t say goodbye”, Greg adds bass and synthesizer. “Walk with me forever” is an up-beat ¾ time ode to a new love and the album ends with a breath-taking a Capella performance by the two brilliant singers on “Never goin’ back”, recorded live in New Hampshire.
Andy & Judy present their third self-produced album, their songs are beautifully crafted and performed, check them out @!


 Andy & Judy "Follow Your Dream" (reviewed by Ladies Night House Concerts -2015)  

       “Follow Your Dream” is an up lifting CD with 10 songs full of colorful stories, inspiration and beautiful melodies showing the many musical sides of Andy and Judy with songs featuring not only guitars but also keyboards.

       “Follow Your Dream” the number one title cut is all about singing what you know and Andy and Judy have definitely been an example of following their dream with determination and zeal. “Walk your own path let your passion fuel the fire you will never know what wonders will be seen unless you follow your dream.” This is toe tapping inspirational fun at its best. 
     Judy’s voice is unique and strong but also melodic and not over powering as it cuts through the air with her mesmerizing, vibrato. My favorite example is “Greatest Love Story” a 50’s style ballad with piano keeping the beat, it’s a stand out from the more folk style songs of the album and is one of my favorite songs on the CD.    
       “Souther Tide Mill” is more typical of Andy and Judy’s folk songs that transports you too a simpler but not easier time with great story telling and features Andy singing lead and Judy taking a turn on harmonies being accompanied with mandolin and accordion. Just close your eyes and it will take you away.      
     The other inspiring and uplifting song is “Glow”, “You can make it through you’re stronger than you know there’s a light inside you let it glow.” The lyrics are powerful and you BELIEVE that “you are not alone.    
      ”Walk with Me Forever” is a catchy love song, back to singing about what you know. Andy and Judy are in love and it shows, their relationship is clearly an inspiration for many of their songs. This one is upbeat with a catchy bass line and of course great harmonies!     
      “Never Goin back” is my favorite song on the CD. Recorded live and in A Capella using Andy’s baritone voice as the foundation while they play cat and mouse with their voices.  Backed by a choir, it has an “old Spiritual” feel and is really just a treat for the ears.      
     The production value is good and I recommend this CD to anyone, but especially for those who appreciate good musicianship, well written songs and amazing harmonies.      
     The power of the voice and heart propelled by the love of music gives you “Follow Your Dream” 

Andy & Judy - Dragonfly (reviewed by Ladies Night House Concerts - 2014)

“Andy and Judy Daigle’s sophomore album, Dragonfly, highlights a variety of traditional folk music with a hint of country. Although the album songs remain true to folk music, the duo’s performance is truly unique. The result is an album that not only sounds great but also has lyrical meaning and depth. For those that enjoy very well produced folk music and storytelling that resonates meaning this is a must listen.”


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