1. Potter's Field

From the recording Follow Your Dream

Words and Music by Judy Daigle


Markers dot the field,a hundred in a row.
A thousand lie below the ground.
Many were abandoned long before they died,
others too poor for a proper mound.

Time has passed them by like they were never even here.
If they could speak what would they say?
Did they have a family or were they all alone?
Did someone mourn when they passed away?

Do you remember me? I was really here.
Now just a number on a stone.
Due to circumstances I am left to lie
forgotten and unknown.
In Potter’s field where all the faceless go

A baby girl in 104, Mary was her name.
Edward’s in 785.
Many we will never know who is buried there.
No record to prove they were alive.


Wander through the rows you can hear them there
calling out from below.
Listen to my story Don’t let me fade away.
There’s so much I want you to know