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April Update:

Our new album is almost fully recorded. We'll be starting the mixing process soon and have decided on an 8/1/23 release date.


Our latest album, Let Us Sing, is available for sale on our Music Page

Check out the review of our album by Bill Copeland. Bill writes: "It’s a treasure of an album for its intricacies of notes and vocals as well as for the undeniable emotive quality of Andy & Judy’s lyrics". Read the full review Here.





" Andy & Judy put the fun back in folk music. In a style reminiscent of the classic hootenanny, the duo delights with original songs and playful stage banter on a surprising range of instruments, with engaging melodies that keep audiences smiling and singing along."

     -Stephen Ide, artistic director, Rose Garden Coffeehouse, Mansfield, MA


We have been on the Folk DJ charts:

    Top Albums for June 2021 - #17 Let Us Sing

    Top Artists for June 2021 - # 22 Andy & Judy


    Top Songs for January 2021 - #17 What Would Pete Do


    Top Albums for September 2020 - #20 This Road

    Top Artists for September 2020 - #24 Andy & Judy


    Top Albums for December 2018 - #24 Reflections

    Top Artists for December 2018 - #12 Andy & Judy


    Top Albums for November 2018 - #9 Reflections

    Top Artist for November 2018 - #9 Andy & Judy

    Top Song for November 2018 - #17 Turn Off the Noise


    Top Albums for October 2018 - #25 Reflections

    Top Artist for October 2018 - #25 Andy & Judy


    Top Albums for July 2017 - #11 This Old Town

    Top Songs for July 2017 - #14 I'll Call You When I Get There


Reflections was a Top 10 pick of 2018 by John Rumsey, Four Strong Winds, KVMR 89.5fm, Nevada City, CA


This Old Town, also received honors from Folk DJs as their top picks of 2017:

        Nick Noble,The Folk Revival, WICN 90.5fm, Worcester, MA

        John Rumsey, Four Strong Winds, KVMR 89.5fm, Nevada City, CA








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