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 New England natives Andy & Judy Daigle have been singing together since 2009. They wrote their first songs as a duo in 2011. Since then, they have recorded over 80 original songs and produced 8 albums. Andy & Judy continue to compose and produce new music as they find inspiration from the sometimes chaotic, sometimes breathtaking, but always interesting world around us. They tour through New England, the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and Great Lakes Regions and have been featured on popular folk music radio programs. This talented folk duo performs regularly at coffeehouses, festivals, libraries, and stages where they have been featured artists, openers and headliners. 

Andy & Judy do a masterful job of involving the audience in their performances. Sing-a-longs and smiles are the norm at one of their concerts. As Steve Ide, the Artistic Director of the Rose Garden Coffeehouse in Mansfield, MA, said “They put the fun back in folk music.” Their sound is replete with close harmonies that blend Judy’s evocative alto and Andy’s deep baritone. Beginning instrumentally with a classic folk guitar base, Andy & Judy have deepened their sound through the addition of mandolin, banjo, piano, harmonica, ukulele, and with support musicians, bass, violin and percussion. Even though their songwriting style has its roots firmly planted in traditional and folk music, the influences of country, gospel, blues, and bluegrass, can be heard in their songs This diversity of influences allow Andy & Judy to carefully craft and perform their songs so that the listener experiences all of the emotions woven into the music. 

Singing as a community has always been an integral part of life in New England. Their music allows the community the opportunity to listen to stories in song and to participate in the singing of those songs. As songwriters, they attempt to rekindle the sense of community and action which develops when folks get together and sing new songs. Also, many of their songs are written about historical events and places. For example, their catalog contains songs about the Orphan Train experience and the struggles of the Civil War. These songs open a dialogue about our past and how it affects the present. 

Andy & Judy have produced eight CDs, Riverbend, Dragonfly, Follow Your Dream, This Old Town, Reflections, This Road,  Let Us Sing, and Another Ghost Town. Their last 5 albums have appeared on the Folk DJ Charts in the top 25, with Reflections peaking at #9. These albums continue to receive airplay.

 Judy is from southeastern Massachusetts where she was introduced to folk music at an early age through her mom’s Peter, Paul and Mary records. She started guitar lessons at age 6 with the hope of joining her church folk group. Singing was her main love and she focused on performing in choirs and musical theater throughout her youth. When she started performing with Andy she went back to the guitar and added piano, mandolin, ukulele, and dulcimer to the mix. 

 Andy was born in Maine and spent most of his youth in upstate New York, where he grew up listening to folk and church music while traveling with his family before eventually settling in the Boston area. He is self-taught on guitar, banjo, mandolin and the harmonica. 

In addition to roles as performers, they also host the Cherry Bridge House Concert Series at their home in Bridgewater, Mass. Their house concerts present local and touring musicians with an opportunity to perform to an appreciative audience in an intimate setting.


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