1. Goodnight

From the recording This Road

Words and Music by Judy Daigle


Goodnight - words and music by Judy Daigle (c) 2020

Goodnight sun, our work is done.
You shined your light and kept me warm throughout the day.
You helped my fields grow tall and strong.
They reach up to touch your gentle loving rays.

We are thankful for your light.
We are grateful for your guidance.
You’re a beacon in the sky.
There is wisdom in your silence.
Shine on, shine on.

Goodnight moon, you’re gone too soon.
You’ve kept the guard as I slumbered in the night.
Your soothing beams shine in my room
and it calms me like a quiet lullaby.


Goodnight stars, how bright you are.
You catch the wishes that we toss into the sky.
We count on you to mend our hearts
and to listen as we share our lonesome cries.

(chorus) 2x

Goodnight sun our work is done.