From the recording This Road

Words and Music by Judy Daigle


They Locked the Grange Hall Doors Today - words and music by Judy Daigle (c) 2020

For many years she proudly stood for those who worked the soil.
We gathered there throughout those years to share our work and joy
and now her time comes to an end, no longer needed here.
Grange Halls across once fertile land have all but disappeared.

We prayed the rain would kiss the land,
none did fall, it’s now just sand.
The last man now has gone away.
They locked the Grange Hall doors today.

The wrecking ball comes in the morn, to fell her to the earth.
Ash to ash and dust to dust just like they say in church.
And when she meets that dusty ground as though it was her grave,
What will it say upon her stone, “the soil she tried to save”.


No one to blame except ourselves, short sighted we became.
Ignored the warnings for so long, too late to make a change.
These barren lands, where farms once stood as far as you could see,
reminds us of how much we’ve lost, the heart of our country.

(chorus) 2x