From the recording This Road

Words and Music by Andy Daigle


Fenway Through and Through words and music by Andy Daigle (c) 2020

We walked towards Kenmore on a damp summer’s night
We could see the towering lights
The mist in the lights matched your sparkling eyes
My heart beat with the CITGO sign

The “T” cars exploded when the fans were unloaded
The crowd moved as one through the square
The vendors were grilling their sausage and peppers
The streets took on a festival air

The carpet of green filled all my dreams
When we watched from 502
From the Babe to Yaz
We’d cheer and we’d razz
We were Fenway through and through

The very first time that I saw you there
You were sitting in section nine
With a beer at your lips and peanuts in hand
I knew you were my Sweet Caroline

The crowd would rise and reach for the sky
When the ball curled around Pesky's pole
Every kid with a glove prayed they'd be the one
Who would bring that home run ball home


Our monster was green and the evil was real
When the Pinstripes came to town
The park was rockin’ from the bleachers to boxes
To take that empire down

We renewed our vows to the roar of the crowd
When the game went into the tenth
With an unobstructed view, our loyalties are true
We will always stay to the end.


From the Babe to Yaz
We’d cheer and we’d razz
We were Fenway.
We were Fenway
We were Fenway through and through.