1. This Road

From the recording This Road

Words and Music by Judy Daigle


This Road – words and music by Judy Daigle (c) 2020

Out here on the turnpike, the red glowing lights are all I see.
As I crawl along this broken road, I long to have your company.
But this line goes on for miles and miles, keeping me from your loving smiles.
Please keep the porch light on for me.
I’m on my way back home.

This road takes me away from you, brings me home again
as faithful as the tide upon the shore.
This road sometimes twists and turns with detours up ahead.
Don’t let this lead your heart to be unsure.
It’s not easy but I hope we’ll stay on this road.

When you’re married to a troubadour you spend so many nights all alone.
Most days we are lucky if there’s time for us to talk on the phone.
But you know I’ll make it up to you when the tour winds down or passes through.
You’re my rock, I love you so.
I’m on my way back home.


No stop signs. I’ll be driving straight through.
The headlights guide me through the night.
Each white line brings me closer to you, until I am laying by your side.