1. I Want to Sing

From the recording This Road

Words and music by Judy Daigle


I Want to Sing - words and music by Judy Daigle (c) 2020

I want to sing Hallelujah.
I want to sing Amen.
I want to go up to that mountain in the sky, in the sky.
I want to sing with the angels.
I want to play that harp of gold.
I want to sing Hallelujah with the angels by and by.

I’m just a lowly sinner though Lord knows that I try.
Sometimes to keep from dying I beg, steal, and lie.
Not proud of my actions. What am I supposed to do?
I’m stuck on this path with nothing left to lose.


It started with the bottle and went downhill from there.
It cost me my sweet family, a heavy cross to bear.
I’ve burned a lot of bridges but I hope to find a way
to get back in His graces before my dying day.


I pray each night He’ll give me time to learn from my mistakes,
so St. Peter will greet me when I walk though those gates.