From the recording Reflections

Words and Music by Judy Daigle


Fourteen years old
and more at home out with the boys
on the ball field
a running catch brings me joy.
High heels and fancy dresses are not for me
but somehow I’m not good enough for society.

Do something with your hair!
Are you really going to wear that out there.
If you’d make a little effort you’d be pretty
but you don’t seem to care
You cannot hope to make it far when you’re so unaware.
My God, do something with your hair!

Out on the stage
Night after night I sing my songs
it captivates them
and they start to sing along.
After the show when the last notes fade away
someone comes over, they have something to say.


A pretty box is what they want to see.
Don’t have a voice or be too deep.
It doesn’t matter what you know,
it’s all about what you will show,
what you will show

(chorus) 2x