From the recording Reflections

Words and Music by Judy Daigle


Winter is here on the prairie, wrapped us in her coat of white.
Not much to do but see it through sitting here by the fire light.

They say that home is where the heart is and mine is sitting here with you.
It’s safe and warm, and sheltered from the storm, surrounded by your love so true.

We didn’t start out as lover’s do, flying high among the stars
but at the end of the line you were waiting and I wouldn’t change a thing

Your strong and steady, gentle ways, a guiding light through troubled times.
We’ve been through it all, the highs and the falls always standing side by side.


We took a chance reaching out across the miles.
Did you ever think it would be like this?
So many years ago, so much we didn’t know
but our love did grow?