From the recording Reflections

Words and Music by Andy Daigle


My Sears & Roebuck catalog of 1922
had an ad for something I could use and I knew just what to do.
The price was right and I could pay it off so I signed on the dotted line
My American Dream No. 204 would very soon be mine.

It shipped in a separate railroad car to the depot right downtown.
It was marked “Modern Home-Honor Bill” by a company most renown.
At the building site my friends and I were planning and making speeches
but I thought it was a little weird to have my house delivered in pieces.

It’s my home, my castle on the hill
No fancy brick, pool, or a spire.
The deed to my American Dream
said “some assembly required”.

I picked a spot to build the house, a lot among the clover.
There’s thirty thousand parts in all, I hope there’s none left over.
We started in to raise the walls as the leaves began to blow.
If the Lord is willing and the creek don’t rise, we’ll be done before the snow.


So come on in and take a tour, it’s six rooms and a bath.
Took all I had to buy this house, three thousand dollars cash.
Today, this Sears & Roebuck home is a bargain on the wing.
It’s a testament to a bygone time when Sears would sell anything.