From the recording Reflections

Words and Music by Andy Daigle


Sitting on the front porch
A young boy hears the whistle
Train rolling on a trestle through the land of Cajun Pride
He wonders where it’s going
and where his dreams will take him
to escape from this rice farm, just take him for a ride

Then Uncle Sam came a calling
Sail the world on the Bear
He became a small town here. He was handsome & brave
He saw the Southern Cross
Served with pride and conviction
His love was his uniform. He’d wear it to his grave.

Go home is what the voices say
You cannot dance the two-step when you’re so far away
Go home where the people Fait le bon temps rouler!
Go home, Cajun Boy, Go home

He retired from the service
to a life that made him bitter
No longer the hero. He could not understand
why the country was divided
by a war that no one wanted.
He never found answers to the questions that he had,


You can sail to the poles to seek new redemption
Chart the wide ocean to become someone new
But the past that you left and all its reflections
hold fast like an anchor that will never leave you