From the recording Reflections

Words and Music by Judy Daigle

Jenny wipes the bar down as the regulars start to wander in.
The stale smell of desperation mix with the whiskey and the gin.
They come to see her pretty face and her big blue eyes.
She plays her part well as she listens to their lies.
She’s destined for the big stage they would always say
and she’ll be headin’ West when she can pay her way.

Broken hearts and broken dreams can be found here.
Come right in, raise your glass, pull up a chair.
Though your talent and your big dreams may not get you far,
you can be a star down at the Roadside Bar.

Nine o’clock the bar’s full, Johnny’s ready to go on.
He’s sitting on his stool with his guitar, a tip jar, and his songs.
He mixes in some old tunes from Willy and Merle
and watches drunken guys dancin’ with the lonely girls.
With his good looks and his golden voice he’ll be Nashville bound.
This is only temporary while he’s working on his sound.


Two o’clock they all file out and Jenny locks the door.
Johnny sits and has a drink while she cleans and mops the floor.
They share their dreams of what might be if they can only catch a break.
But with each passing year the excuses are getting harder to make.