From the recording Reflections

Words by Judy Daigle. Music by Judy Daigle and Andy Daigle


The wind is blowin’, dark clouds are rollin’
the storm will soon be on us all.
Thunder is rumblin’ leavin’ us wonderin’
when will the sky begin to f-all

The fortune tellers and snake oil sellers
draw us in with their sweet lies.
But they will cheat us then they will leave us,
steal our soul when we close our eyes.

Turn off the noise and take a stand.
We must come together hand in hand.
When every voice can be heard
We will change this world

Hear the teachin’ and bitter preachin’
It must be true if they say it’s so
they stoke the fire and build it higher
push us in and off they go


Open our hearts and heed the call.
Reach out our hands to help our neighbors stand tall.
There is no freedom without freedom for all.
Let me hear you sing!

Chorus 2x