1. You're the Key

From the recording Reflections

Words and Music by Judy Daigle


On that morning when I woke I never thought it was the day
when I’d meet the one of I’ve dreamed in an unexpected place.
When my eyes met yours and you gave a little smile
I knew right there and then I’d be with you all the while.

You’re the lighthouse guiding me safely to shore.
You’re the rainbow as the storm departs.
You’re the music whose beat I can’t ignore.
You’re the key that opened up the chains around my heart.

Though some days were dark and stormy, we let love lead the way.
and now we’re here together on this picture perfect day.
I may have had my doubts, I’d been burned before
but let me promise you, I’ll love you forevermore.


So take my hand, let’s walk together. The journey starts right here tonight.
My love for you will last forever until the stars refuse to shine in the sky.

(chorus) 2x