From the recording Follow Your Dream

Words and Music by Andy Daigle


Come on now me boys, Town River’s at hand
and the wheels should be turning at Souther’s Tide Mill.
We’ve just a short time ‘til the tide goes slack
and the water flows away, so awake now me boys.

The mill is the pride of a shipbuilding man.
His brig at town landing must sail with the dawn.
Her hold will be filled with lumber and grain.
Ten tons by the evening, twenty more by the morn.

In Braintree and Quincy the owners pad their wealth
on the backs of the mill boys in sickness and in health.
John Souther’s the master a proud man and true.
He’ll over a fair wage when payin’ time is due.


Oh mill life is hard but a tide mill is worse.
You work when the tide comes no matter the hour.
In daylight and dark, fair weather or storm.
We’ll grind while she lets us then await here return.