From the recording Follow Your Dream

Word and Music by Judy Daigle


I’m standing on the platform out here in the rain
my bag has all that I own.
I’m waiting here for the 12:30 train
to roll in and away we will go
It will take me from all that I know.

As the train rolls through the country,
I see all the towns go by.
Fewer than there used to be.
There’s nothing really out there ‘cept the earth and sky
and the man who is waiting there for me.
For what he called sweet destiny

Heading out to Omaha to start my new life.
New York City I must bid good-bye.
The ad in the paper said “I’m looking for a wife,
only the young and fair need apply”

The letters that he wrote me said he had a farm,
a hundred acres of prime prairie
with a house and barn he already built.
We’d live near the banks of Logan Creek.
A finer house I would not see.


He said he’d meet the train at Omaha Station,
at six foot two I would know it was he.
We’d climb aboard his wagon for a couple of days
then he hoped I would see,
it was everything he said it would be.


I’m going to be happy why wouldn’t I be?
It’s better than the life I would have had.
Working day and night in the factories
no, life on the farm won’t be that bad.
I should be grateful and not be sad