1. A Fairytale

From the recording Dragonfly

Words and Music by Judy Daigle


Each day’s the same everything is grey
but I can see the colors not so far away.
Outside my window lies a world out there
but I’m locked inside a room that’s oh so bare.

I’m waiting for a hero to come and rescue me.
I’m sitting in this tower with the birds for company.
Locked away so many years is this all there is?
Won’t there be a prince to come and save me with a kiss?

I don’t know what I did or why I’m here.
My memory of that day’s not very clear.
I was taken from all I used to know.
Locked inside this room with just a small window.


Been here so long how can I break free.
I don’t even know who has the key.
She never spoke a word as she locked me in.
Will I ever see the world outside again?


They say that fairytales come true,
but I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.
Just sit and wait and hope that he will come
or should I find a way out of this prison