1. Dragonfly

From The Recordings Html

Words and Music by Judy Daigle


When the days seem long and hard, I struggle to get through
That’s when I miss you most of all, you knew just what to do.
To quell my fears and make me see that all would be ok,
just like the darkness passes to the golden light of day.

Though you’re not with me now you keep a watchful eye
and let me know you’re not so far just look up in the sky.
And just to show that it’s true you send me down a sign.
You send your love down on the wings of the dragonfly.

For now I have the memories, can’t take that away
and I know that we’ll be together someday.
Your smile is what I miss the most that twinkle in your eye
and I can still hear you laugh if I really try.


I try to carry on each day as you’d want me to.
So many things that I see remind me of you.
But when I see the dragonfly I know that you are close.
They always seem to come to me when I need you most.