1. The Tide

From The Recordings Html

Words and Music by Andy Daigle


The tide it moves so quickly, when it takes my dearest from me.
But, when I wait for my love to return, the tide cannot console me.
The morning air stirs softly, while dawn breaks in all its colors.
I spend my time just watching the sea, for the ship that glides upon it.

For when the ship sails back, my love will find me
a-waiting his return. My heart his forever.

The news I heard this evening. A storm it was a-blowin’.
It took the ship and all of her crew. In the depths she lies a-restin’.

And now my love is gone. My hope drown with him.
The tide will be my foe. It took my want for livin’.

Young maids take heed my council, keep close your man around you.
Don’t let the tide take him away. Or you’ll spend your days a-mournin’
Or you’ll spend your days a-mournin’.