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Booking Inquiries for Cherry Bridge House Concerts

Some info before you request a booking -

   We only host, at most, 4 shows per year. As performers ourselves, we can't commit to any more than that. Our shows are on Friday nights - April (either 1st or 2nd Friday), June (either 1st or 2nd Friday), September (3rd Friday) and November (1st Friday). We book over a year in advance.


    We can only hold a max of 30 people in our house (typically we get 20-25) and the suggested donation is $15. There is no guarantee. The artists will get all of the donations.


    This is our living room, and it will be filled with people, we cannot accommodate bands, drum kits, etc. We prefer solo acts or duos, although we have had 3-4 person groups, it was tight.


    We need to see your website and live videos. Please include these links in your request email.


     We also prefer to see you live - we attend many shows, both local to us and on the road. We also attend NERFA and SERFA each year. Let us know where we can see you.


If you feel you are a good fit, send an email to:

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Our Next Few Shows

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    Hopkinsville-Christian County Public Library,  Hopkinsville
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    Massachusetts Walking Tour,  North Attleboro
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    Soule Homestead,  Middleborough
  • Jul 13
    Logan Street Sanctuary,  Noblesville