1. Just Me

From the recording This Old Town

Words and Music by Judy Daigle


Your days are hard, your nights are long
How can I help you to be strong
lessen your burden, carry your load
I’ll walk beside you down this road.

My two hands reaching out to you
are all I have to help you through
No magic potion to make things clear
but I’ll be there to wipe your tears

I’d slay the dragons if I could
Clear you a path through these dark woods
but I can’t give you what you need
All I can give you is just me

I may be small but big of heart
I’ll stand there with you and do my part
hand in hand our strength combined
We’ll leave your sorrows far behind


Alone I can’t make things right
I’m just one candle in the dark of night
not bright enough to make it day
but one small place to keep night away