From the recording This Old Town

Words and Music by Judy Daigle


You know that I love you, yes I do,
but love’s a two way street.
You’re good at taking, but you’re giving it to
every girl that you meet.

Your sweet talking worked. I fell for it hard.
Empty promises that was your game.
Did you tell her the same things? Did she fall for it too
like a moth to a flame.

I gave you my all, I gave you the best of me
but the writings on the wall. This is how it’s going to be
I can’t turn a blind eye to what’s going down.
You call me your princess but there are thorns in that crown.

You know it’s too bad. We could’ve been so good.
But I can’t keep living this way.
You’re never changing. I can see that now,
so I’m leavin today

(Chorus) 2x