From the recording This Old Town

Words by Andy Morris and Judy Daigle, Music by Judy Daigle


I found some rusty railroad tracks while wandering through a wood,
And a jumbled pile of lumber where a little shack had stood.
The stove was there, a small wood burner, a partial chimney of stone.
I felt bad for that old shack, abandoned and alone.
The shack that was just might have been some shelter from the weather
Where conductors or other railway men would play cards or talk together,
Where laughter swelled and stories shared, dreams and memories were made,
But time silenced the laughter, and dreams and memories fade.

In a Wood I found a memory of yesterday, a place where life used to be oh so long ago
In a wood I found the footprint from another time, hiding there for me to find its secrets to know
In a wood I found

Then the tracks, those rusty rails of steel and steam and sweat,
Point the way to destinations I’ve not dreamed of yet,
Go to the right and to the left as I stand in between
The times that happened in the past and the times I’ve not yet seen.