1. I Try

From the recording This Old Town

Word and Music by Judy Daigle


When I was a young man I worked on a farm
but the call of the road had a beautiful charm.
I could not resist her I had to obey.
She never told me the price that I’d pay.

O I try, I try, O Lord I try. I try but I can’t find my way home.

I carried on as best as I could.
I followed the river to get out of the woods.
o\Oh, the rattlin wheels makes a lonesome sound
as I make my way from town to town..


I’ve fallen so often my knees are so worn
but I keep gettin’ up come the rise of the morn.
Though the burdens are many and the pleasures are few,
the road’s what I know. What else can I do?


When it gets in your blood you can’t break from the grasp.
It owns your future and clouds up the past
‘til it weakens your soul and leaves you to wander alone.

Chorus 2x