by Andy & Judy

Released 2018
Released 2018
Even though their songwriting style has its roots firmly planted in traditional and folk music, the influences of country, gospel, blues, and bluegrass can be heard in their songs
Andy & Judy are a Boston area folk duo who, while remaining true to folk music, draws from a wide range of musical interests. This diversity in their songwriting is the hallmark of Reflections, their fifth CD. They use guitar, mandolin, banjo, and ukulele to set the mood for each of their lyric driven songs - from topical songs, to fun, light-hearted songs, to love songs, to reflective songs, this CD has something for everyone.

Below is the track listing with a little insight into each song.

You're the Key is an upbeat love song that celebrates finding your true love “You're the key that opened up the chains around my heart”.

Turn Off the Noise is a song in the classic folk tradition, a call to action song – “we must come together hand in hand. When every voice can be heard, we will change this world”.

The Roadside Bar is about an aspiring actress and an aspiring singer working at a bar – “broken hearts and broken dreams can be found here”.

I Want To Jump in Puddles is a fun, upbeat song about someone wanting to quit the daily grind and go back to childhood – “I want to dance in the rain without a care”.

Go Home Cajun Boy is a story about a young man who joined the service and was lost when he came out many years later – “Go home where the people fait le bon temps rouler”.

Time is about getting older, and reflecting back over life – “minutes seem to last forever, while years, they seem to fly”.

Some Assembly Required is upbeat song about a person who bought a kit house from the Sears & Roebuck catalog – “The deed to my American Dream says some assembly required”.

I Wouldn't Change A Thing is set in the 1880's about a couple that met through the want ads. Reflecting back over their life, they are glad that they took the chance - “We didn't start out as lovers do….. and I wouldn't change a thing”.

Do Something With Your Hair is an upbeat song that came from a real life event. Having your appearance being questioned is something many women can relate to- “Do something with your hair! Are you really going to wear that out there”?

Another Senseless Tragedy was written after the shooting in Parkland, FL – “I don't want your thoughts and prayers”.

Never Goin' Back is a call and response song - “Now I can see where I'm goin' …. Never goin' back again”.

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